Mindset-Timeset Variations


August 18 through September 16, 2007

Reception: Saturday, August 18, 6-8 PM

at Art Sites, 651 West Main Street (Route 25), Riverhead

Hours are Thursday –Sunday, 12-5 PM.

For more information and additional hours call 631 591 2401.




Serra describes his process, “Intuition, materiality, process, gesture, abstraction, presence, and kiln/high fire reduction are all aspects, thoughts, and concerns that are referenced in each sculptural piece.  Yet, each piece is formed free of any specific preconceived idea. To be

To let go.”


Rudolph Serra has been teaching art at institutions such as Rutgers University and Bennington College. He has received a number of National Endowment Grants for Sculpture and recently received a Pollock- Krasner Foundation Grant. His works were recently shown at the Charles Cowles Gallery in NYC




These works explore the correlatives in thought, expression, and time. Zapkus juxtaposes images of architectural building plans, by several unrelated individuals, simultaneously conceived in the same time period. Using this as raw informational material he freely associates, makes correspondences and transformations for his own expressive ends. Zapkus has always been intrigued with analyzing and tracing thought processes in the residual of Art. The thinking which conjures creativity expresses a free and unlimited range of inquiry outside of functionality. The scores and plans Zapkus plumbs are maps of a wide range of human impulses: analytical, emotional, logical, erratic, and transcendent responses to human questions of being. They are evident and extraordinarily specific mindsets of information. Zapkus uses them to construct evidence of his own mindset in response. Unlike the traditional, perennial re-imaging of figure and landscape (with a twist) to access human reality, Zapkus tries to mainline experiential reality directly, using mental configurations as the starting point.


Kes Zapkus has shown extensively in New York including the Paula Cooper Gallery and John Weber Gallery. He has had retrospectives at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati and Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute. His works have also been exhibited in Lithuania, Russia, England, France, Scotland, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, and Mexico. Zapkus has also received numerous awards including the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Grant and a NEA grant.